Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"The Latest in the Williamson Household"

So its been several days since I have blogged. I guess if I start something I need to keep it up right? It is way to early to get off track and I have absolutely NO EXCUSE!! LOL

We had a very relaxing holiday weekend. Saturday we went to Cheddars for lunch with Ashley and Amanda. It was my first time going.I have to say it was very good and the prices were not bad either. The only downside was the customer service could have been allot better. What is the deal these days?  It seems like no matter where you go the service sucks. Can people just be happy?

Here is a picture of Kynleigh being a big girl eating her puffs at the table.

We went to Keith and Jessica's Saturday night. They had some people over for a poker game. It was fun but, I still can't get the hang of it. I watched the entire game and was still confused when it was over. ?? LOL. I guess I get that blonde thing from my mom (Not really)..... Me and Kynleigh didn't get home until after 11pm. That is really late for us but, it was worth it to spend time with friends!!!

Sunday we missed church and my excuse is because we woke up late. I feel really bad that we have missed church the last 3 Sundays but, we will be going this week. We went to eat lunch with Keith, Jessica and the kids at Grotto's/ It was good but, different. It would be a great place to go for a nice dinner.  

Monday it was very nasty weather. I have to say it was the most productive day of all. Ashley and I cleaned most of the day. Ashley cooked a brisket that was sooo tasty (We are still eating on it). Other than that we just relaxed and I think the highlight of the day was watching The Real Housewives Reunion and The Kardashians. (Sunday & Monday). Its sad when all you look forward to during the day is waiting for your favorite Tv show to come on!!!!

Yesterday I had to pick Kynleigh up from day care because she was running fever. I immediately took her to the Dr. and they said she has a virus. She is still running a low fever but, seems to be feeling allot better today. I had to play hooky from school today to take care of her. That will complete the highlights in our lives over the past few days!!!!

More to come..........................


MishMish said...

That's a cute picture of her!! I hope she is feeling better soon.

Pratik Gaikwad said...

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